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Meet Lynette

Lynette is a former Lecturer in Nutritional Medicine with 15 years of Naturopathic Clinical experience.

 In addition to holding a BHSc (Complementary Medicine) from Charles Sturt University. 

It was after the birth of her daughter and divorce the healer had to heal herself. 

 Which lead to Lynette's ESP (extra sensory perception) opening and becoming active.

Shamanic studies were undertaken with initiation experiences in Bali, Hawaii and Egypt. 

I'm a channel for pure energies and your own personal soul guidance team.

 So you get to feel, know and see through your own spiritual experiences you are sacred.

The spirit world is always with you and knows exactly what your spirit needs.  

They heal by showing you the highest perspective of your life's 


Their purpose is to help you heal and my purpose is to help you access them.

Lynette xo  

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