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Heart Healings By Lynette

S i g n a t u r e  H e a l i n g

2 Hour

Are You Ready for Healthy love?

Are you ready to:

Do things differently in your next relationship

Attract healthy love into your life

Release unhealthy attachments to past love's

Understand why you have unhealthy attachments

Meet your helping spiritual guidance team

Ideal if you:

Chose men who don't commit when you're after a commitment

Attract Mr Wrong but are looking for Mr Right

Always say there aren't any good men around

Can't sustain a relationship past 1 year

Have been in an emotionally abusive relationship

Have been in a physically abusive relationship

Have been through a divorce


I received the clarity I was seeking for my relationship

I had an increadible healing with Lynette.  It was unlike anything I'd ever experienced before.  I love her process and felt very safe, calm and relaxed.  The energy and messages I received were life changing and I received the clarity I was seeking regarding my purpose, path and relationships.  I can't wait to see her again.

Karen - Mum of 2

Small Business Owner

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Heart Healings By Lynette

2 Hour Healing

Heart Healing By Lynette

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