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For Grief


The Ultimate Rite Of Passage

Grief's waves can feel incredibly raw in the first 2 years.

As your spirit and heart let go of your loved one in the physical while you try to live this life with their memories in your heart. The memories will never go, but your spirit still needs to live and eventually find the highest perspective of your loss during your personal rite of passage.

There's no doubt that grief is one of life's hardest lessons. Especially for parents, children and spouses.

It is definite that grief will break your heart into multiple pieces and you will feel inconsolable. Anyone who has grieved and loved deeply knows this too well. Though grief also comes to us as an ancient solemn "Rite Of Passage".

This Rite Of Passage lies in how you shall place the pieces of your heart back together again.

Will you stay forever looking at them and wishing they had never been broken?

Or will you gently gather your heart's pieces back together one by one.

The story of Isis and Osiris

The goddess Isis was deeply in love with her husband Osiris. As legend would have it her jealous brother in law killed her beloved and placed parts of his body all over Egypt. Isis was inconsolable, heartbroken, distraught, disillusioned, betrayed and broken. Her pain was doubled with how he had passed.

Isis wasn't able to function in her royal life and was now unrecognisable. Isis chose to take retreat in the Island of Algikia while her sister Goddess Hathor came to nuture her.

How did she heal?  

By working in the spiritual perspective with her pain. 

We can't transcend and move on from this kind of pain with everyday thinking and logic. 

We need to be transcended to see the beauty still found in life amongst our suffering.  And slowly be shown our own personal soul reason's of how and why we can move on.    

That is how Isis mended her heart.

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