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Heal in the comfort and safety 

of your own home



B Y  D I S T A N C E

m e n   &   w o m e n

It's Easy!

Just follow the instructions 

Holistic Healing Instructions

1. Relax

You need to be relaxed to connect.

Please limit caffeine intake and refrain for 2 hours

before your healing,

2. Purify

Purification is an ancient ritual.

On your healing day please wash your body

and hair to remove stale energies.

3. Mood

Welcome your guiding spirits into your sacred space by lighting a candle.

One is all you need. But more is fine,

Bedrooms are best to do your healings in.

But you decide!

Have a cosy blanket to keep you warm 

and drinking water close at hand.

Be creative! 

Place your favourite symbol or spiritual

figure with your candle.

4. Privacy

These are your 2 hours to do soul work,

release burdens and receive guidance.

It's essential you feel safe and secure to 

concentrate on you.

Please ensure no interruptions.

This also includes pets.

A darkened room will be necessary

to accelerate relaxation and connection.

Don't forget your tissues!

How Can You Heal From A Distance? 

Our bodies are both energy and chemistry. Energy is in the realm of physics and is what acupuncturists work wit​h to get the rest of your body healthy. Energy "feeds" your bodies organs and tissues. Healers tend to work on and with your energy or spirit. And human's don't heal others. It's like we work for and with spiritual guides and they can be anywhere at anytime.

Have you thought of a relative oversea's and then they call you? It's along the same priciples.

Start Healing Today!

Holistic Healing By Distance


2 Hour Healing

Holistic Healing By Distance Woman

Holistic Healing By Distance


2 Hour Healing  

Holistic Healing By Distance Men

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