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Holistic Healing For Sexuality

One of the main reasons keeping men 

from seeking healing is shame.

Common Blocks Preventing Intimacy

Can't deeply connect with your partner emotionally?

You put a wall up with partners if they get to close?

There's been past experience of childhood stress or trauma?

In physical intimacy it feels there's an energy present that you can't shift?

You have a hidden belief no one will want you if you open up completely?

You secretly feel shame or guilt around intimate pleasure?

You have trouble letting people in?

 You've always thought there's got to be something more to sexuality?

If you can relate to these experiences...

You can clear and shift your blocks with

Holistic Healing For Sexuality


Holistic Healing For Childhood Stress

Healing brings Healthy Love

Intimacy blocks are a Stop Sign

to  genuine connection in physical and emotional intimacy

Holistic Healing For Sexuality

Uses Shamanism as a Healing Technique

Shamanism is a safe, non invasive and non touch therapy.

In which you are relaxed and awake and can stop any time you choose.

Studies show clients enter into a relaxed meditative theta brain wave state which allows for a flow of higher perception producing insight and dream like imagery.  Providing solutions and higher realisations yet also accessing the deepest wisdom of your heart.

Your trauma happens in this world but your healing happens in the higher realms.

Is There Science behind Shamanic methods?

Yes. Shamanism is an ancient technique that has been globally and clinically validated for the past 30 years by Sandra Ingerman who holds a Masters Degree in Counselling Psychology. For over 100 years scientists called Anthropologists have collected ethnographic research detailing helping spirits and animal spirit guides.

Ancient Egyptian Temples, tribal medicine men and indigenous cultures practised Shamanism.

Holistic Healing for Sexuality

Testimonial Extract

I took back my power and my voice that day.

It felt amazing to be able to finally tell the person that

took my voice and power away, that scared me

into not telling anybody.

I was shown many things I wasn't expecting or

prepared for. And I felt safe during this. I am now able

to not hold judgement over it, but in seeing and

feeling what I did, I could finally forgive 

for the things done to me, for the voice

and power taken from me.

I no longer feel tied to him, no longer feel

angry at him, I no longer feel sorry for him.

Amanda Age 44

Molecular Biologist

Mum to 3

Childhood Stress Experiences

We can never undo your experience but you can start to see it from a different perspective and even as a source of your strength. That doesn't mean you liked it or it's condoned. And it doesn't mean blind forgiveness without sometimes taking the appropriate steps towards justice. It just means it has no power over you anymore. That's when your trauma becomes your strength and empowerment. 

Holistic Healing For Sexuality 


2 Hour Healing

2 Hour Healing

Discover unique blockages preventing you from deepening physical and emotional intimacy in your relationship. Enabling you to transform past trauma's into a source of strength and power.

Holistic Healing For Sexuality Men

How Many Sessions Will I need With You?

Generally clients do from 2 to 10 Holistic Healing sessions.

I recommend starting with 2 healings one week after the other.

The first healing we're shifting and the second we clearing.

Both are different and essential.

There aren't any therapies that can remove years of abuse in only one session.

Large amounts can be transformed during the You Are Sacred healing.

Treat committing to your healing as you would counselling sessions.

All healings need time to be absorbed to allow new realisations and perspectives

"to gel".

Not doing this often results in the person not transforming completely.

There's an art and technique to healing that needs to be respected.

This absorption timeframe ranges from one week up to 6 months.

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