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Holistic Healing For Sexuality


Common blocks preventing intimacy

You're unable to connect at a deeper level

Your desire for genuine love is real but there's always something stopping you from being able to deeply connect with another to gain the level of physical and emotional intimacy you crave and need.

Childhood trauma or stress

As busy adults, we tend to forget about our childhood stress or traumas.  Often when we discovered and transformed these we're able to move deeper into our hearts and establish a heart connection unlike any we've had before.   

Sometimes it's hard to clear your mind in intimacy

Even though you try to clear your mind and relax during physical intimacy with a trusting and loving partner you feel there's just something there with you.  Almost some kind of energy that's always present that you've never been able to fully shift and leave behind.

You have a wall up during physical intimacy

You're not sure why you have a wall up, but you can't go deeper into your emotions during physical intimacy.  As though it's all on the surface without letting your partner see and connect with who you really are.

You secretly feel shame about pleasure

Your mind knows physical intimacy is natural and normal yet there's a part of you that feels embarrassed to ask for your desires or you don't know your desires and you just go through the motions to keep your partner happy. 

You find it hard to be vulnerable

You just struggle to let men in. 

You've been hurt countless times and find it incredibly difficult to trust another man but still dream of having a fulfilling relationship or marriage.

You've always thought there's got to be something more to sexuality

You're not exactly sure what but you've always felt there must be more to sexuality. Like a higher purpose or spiritual connection. Unfortunately, this is completely missing between you and your partner.

Can you relate to some of these?

These are challenging feelings to work through

But it's critical to do so as...

 Healing Brings 

Healthy Love

Holistic Healing uses Shamanism as a healing modality.

Shamanism is a safe, non-invasive and non-touch therapy.

 In which you are relaxed and awake and can stop any time you choose.

Studies show clients enter into a relaxed and meditative (theta brain wave) state which allows for a flow of higher perception producing insight and dream like imagery.  Resulting is providing solutions and higher realisations yet also accessing the deepest wisdom of your heart. 

This sounds very modern and high tech, but it's really just ancient temple practices and the way healing originated. 

Is there Science behind Shamanism?

Yes.  Shamanism is an ancient technique that has been globally and clinically validated for the past 30 years by Sandra Ingerman who holds a Masters Degree in Counselling Psychology.  For over 100 years scientists called Anthropologists have collected ethnographic research detailing helping spirits and animal spirit guides. 

Ancient Egyptian Temples, tribal medicine men and indigenous cultures practised Shamanism.

Holistic Healing

Testimonial Extract

This healing was a very freeing experience. 

I was shown many things I wasn't expecting or

prepared for.  And I felt safe during this.  

Probably the best thing that changed for me 

 was that I could trust men

and I could see that some men are actually really loving,

kind, caring and beautiful.

I started noticing these men around me,

the ones I was friends with and the ones my friends were married to.

And it gave hope for true love for me.

I am the powerful one and I know that men are

loving and beautiful.


Amanda Age 44

Molecular Biologist

Mum to 3

You Are Sacred


2 Weeks


Negative Energy Clearing HEALING

1 Hour

By the time we reach adulthood we can accumulate negative energy attachments due to past trauma's or life experiences.  Once removed you're able to operate at a higher level of emotional health and feel less influence from your past experiences.

Holistic Healing For Sexuality

2 Hour Healing

Discover unique blockages preventing you from deepening physical and emotional intimacy in your relationship. Enabling you to transform past trauma's into a source of strength and power.

You Are Sacred Healing


H E A L I N G  P A C K A G E

Improve Physical Intimacy

In Your Relationship

H E A L I N G   

 known sexual trauma

 no known sexual trauma

15   H O U R S   O F   H E A L I N G 

1 x You Are Sacred Healing

3 hours of Healing

1 hour of Negative Energy Clearing

2 hours of Holistic Healing for Sexuality

Valued at $299

1 x You Are Sacred Workshop

10 hours of Healing

In our 7 week workshop you will:

  • Clear layers of shame and grief surrounding your sexuality
  • Heal hidden blocks preventing genuine intimacy
  • Transform disempowering self love beliefs
  • Raise your self worth and learn how to keep it raised
  • Discover what makes your body divine and why it's called a temple
  • Experience why your divine essence can never be taken away
  • Heal deeply held beliefs all women carry around feminine sexuality
  • Learn what embodiment is and reclaim your body for yourself
Valued at $399


Your Free Gifts




Valued at $150

Each week you shall be guided with authentic temple knowledge.

Remove energetic blockages and partake in healing meditations.

With an experienced clinical naturopath & accredited shamanic practitioner.

Book Now!

Classes run for 7 weeks for 2hrs and are limited to 4 to ensure a safe

and nurturing space for each woman.

The next Healing Package is on

9th October 2021 - 20 Nov 2021


Bright Water Wellness Hub

Shop 7E

69 - 79 Attenuata Drive

Mountain Creek

Sunshine Coast


6 pm to 8 pm

It's very important to only have a snack before healing work.

It will greatly improve your transformation and ability to connect.

Then after it's ideal to nourish your body with healthy food choices, a relaxing bath and lots of sleep to help integrate your newfound realisations.

If you have kids, this is mum's night for mum.




Your 3 hours of Individual Healing must be completed before the Workshops Commence.

If it's determined in your last Holistic Healing that you personally need more Holistic Healing for Sexuality before entering the Workshops.

Participants are required to pay for and complete these before entering.

Required Age

Participants must be 18 years or over.

Start Your Healing Today!

One Payment of $699

You Are Sacred Healing Package Known

One Payment of $699

You Are Sacred Healing Package No Known

How Many Sessions Will I need With You?

Generally, clients do from 2 to 10 Holistic Healing sessions. 
I recommend starting with 2 healings one week after the other.
Unfortunately, there aren't any therapies that can remove years of stress or trauma in only one session.  

Though large amounts are definitely transformed during the You Are Sacred healing.  
It's essential to treat committing to your healing as you would counselling sessions. 
All healings need time to be absorbed to allow new realisations and perspectives 
"to gel". 
Not doing this often results in the person not transforming effectively.  
 There's an art and technique to healing that needs to be respected.  
This absorption timeframe ranges from one week up to 6 months.

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